Patients should be at the center of the healthcare universe, and Personal Health Records are an integral part of the national debate on healthcare reform. But are patients' rights being considered in the move towards an interconnected health system? And will the infrastructure that emerges truly support and encourage the development and adoption of innovative new products and services?

The Harvard Medical School Personally Controlled Health Records Infrastructure meeting series is a landmark effort to bring together industry, academia and government to answer these questions and make real progress towards the development of a healthcare information platform that will enable the next generation of consumer-focused wellness, clinical and research applications.

The last year has seen real advances in the field – in particular, the idea of the “patient controlled” health record has gained remarkable traction since our first conference. This year we’re continuing our focus on the PCHR platform – the Infrastructure. The collaborative portion of the meeting will feature three tracks:

  • Business Models for the PCHR Platform
  • PCHRs for Safe and Health Populations
  • Technical Underpinnings of an Open PCHR Platform

The 2007 invitation-only PCHRI Meeting will take place on November 27th and 28th, 2007, at Harvard Medical School's Countway Library of Medicine.